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It’s Time for Gary Doer to Retire

Tuesday, January 9th, 2007

As many of you know I write a weekly column in our family’s two newspapers; The Neepawa Banner and The Rivers Banner. The following is an excerpt from my most recent column. As I noted, and as many political commentators are now also saying, it’s time for Premier Gary Doer to retire. As PC Manitoba leader Hugh McFadyen has said publicly many times, Manitoba can’t afford another four years of this “tired, old NDP government.” I hope you’ll read the following column and I appreciate your feedback.

It’s Time for Gary Doer to Retire
By Ken Waddell

On the Manitoba scene it’s becoming increasingly apparent that Premier Gary Doer has reached the end of his political shelf life. He looks very, very shop worn. It’s not surprising. He’s been leader for 19 years. He was beaten three times by Gary Filmon.

He’s now won two elections. He would very much like to win three, the magical political “Three-peat” as it’s called. However, the threat of losing an election is looming. Manitobans rarely give government three terms and this government is no exception. There’s also a bigger problem for Doer. The NDP have only been successful in Manitoba when the leader is the kingpin, when the leader is more popular than the party. (more…)

Ken Waddell to Seek PC Manitoba Nomination in Concordia

Monday, January 8th, 2007

Former PC Manitoba leadership contender, Ken Waddell, is seeking the PC Manitoba Nomination in the Winnipeg constituency of Concordia.

“I have long felt that PC Manitoba should not only challenge the NDP government but Premier Gary Doer himself. PC Manitoba is obviously very strong in rural Manitoba. We need to bring some of that strength and experience to Winnipeg.”

Waddell and his wife Christine moved to Winnipeg late last year. They own two newspapers in rural Manitoba, The Neepawa Banner and The Rivers Banner.
“We have completed a three year transition of management and the day-to-day operation of our newspapers over to our very capable staff,” said Waddell. Ownership of the papers will remain in the family corporation.

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