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Concordia Campaign Update

Monday, May 7th, 2007

Our joint campaign Open House with Concordia, Elmwood, and Rossmere, with special guest PCManitoba leader Hugh McFadyen, went very well on Sunday. Our offices are located at 915 and 931 McLeod Ave. The place was packed with supporters and each candidate spoke, followed by Hugh’s speech.

Today was busy all day as I attended the Sikh Temple on McLeod Ave. After the service I was invited to speak to about 150 people in the congregation. I emphasized that we must work together on our common values and beliefs for the betterment of Manitoba. Attending a Sikh service was a new experience for me and I met many new friends.

The Concordia campaign is going very well, but for strategic reasons I won’t go into details. I will say this, at the doorsteps in Concordia, the reception is very good. If you want a personalized update, please call me at 940-1430 and leave a message. I’ll phone you back in the evening after it’s too late to knock on doors.

We could use more funds, so all donations will be gratefully received. If we raise more dollars than what is required for a fully funded campaign, we will build up a war chest for the future. Concordia will be ours, if not now, then soon. We’ve nearly seen the last of Gary Doer.

Also every constituency could use more volunteers, if you can spare any time, please call us or one of the other MLAs, it will be appreciated.

Thanks for your support, advice, donations and prayers.

McFadyen to Seek Stiff Mandatory Minimum Sentences for Manitoba’s Worst Offenders

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2007

Winnipeg, Manitoba, May 2, 2007 ” If elected, Hugh McFadyen’s Progressive Conservatives will seek mandatory minimum sentences for Manitoba’s worst offenders.

The announcement is just part of McFadyen’s plan to strengthen prosecutions ” another critical link in the chain of Manitoba’s criminal justice system.

“If youre a sex offender, a repeat car thief or a criminal with a gun, you’re going to face time,” said McFadyen, referring to the lenient treatment these and other criminals have received under the NDP.

“We’ll provide police with the people to round them up and prosecutors with the muscle to put them away,” he said. (more…) This is a Sunrize Group internet solution (204)226-2247