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That’s a Very Good Question

Monday, August 20th, 2007

“So what are you doing now?” is the most FAQ sent our way lately. It’s both an appropriate and appreciated question. It’s been asked and answered so many times but perhaps there are two or three readers that may still not have asked.

In the spring of 2006, with nary a rural candidate on the horizon for the then upcoming PC Manitoba leadership race, a quick decision was made. With the blessing of family and friends, and especially with my wife’s encouragement and blessing I made a run for the top job at PC Manitoba. It was a wild nine week ride resulting in almost 1100 PC members from across Manitoba voting for me. Nearly 12 per cent of the members thought I should lead PC Manitoba into the next election.

Shortly after that race, I visited with the winner, PC Manitoba leader Hugh McFadyen and pledged my support to him and to the party. Manitoba needs major political changes and within the context of Manitoba politics, Hugh McFadyen and PC Manitoba are the best suited to make those changes.

After the nomination race for Ste. Rose constituency that was won by our new MLA Stu Briese, my wife Chris and I made a major decision. We had obviously been through a lot of changes. In addition, according to our long term plans, The Banner was being well run by staff. In June 2006, Chris’s dad died after a long haul with age-related illnesses. That was sad, but even sadder was that her mother’s health failed completely and within six months she passed away as well. A number of circumstances came together that showed us the way to move to Winnipeg and get more involved in PC Manitoba and the upcoming election. We went to work part-time at the party headquarters and doing constituency work. Chris sought the PC nomination in Fort Rouge and I sought the PC nomination in Concordia.

Why? Again Manitoba needs major change and both those constituencies needed a PC candidate who could speak out in defence of the need for change.

As we all know now PC Manitoba candidates weren’t very successful anywhere in Winnipeg.

So that brings us back to the opening line question.

We sold the home we lived in Neepawa for the past few years, renovated a home we used to live in and that will be our home base. We still have an apartment in Winnipeg and will be pursuing opportunities across Manitoba, while maintaining strong ties to Neepawa and the rural area.We look forward to being heavily involved in the political process at whatever level we can manage.

This summer we have renovated our home as noted above, demolished and salvaged another house for lumber for our son’s home, and are in the midst of renovating his house. We’ve also helped with a few auction sales, attended lots of yard sales, visited friends, had company over and I have worked an average of 2-3 days a week in the background at The Banner. Chris is retired from The Banner for the third time and is busy being a homemaker, a carpenter, a gardener and most important, more time as Grandma to four grandchildren aged 5-13.

In a nutshell that’s what we are doing now. As to the future, we have no idea except to say we plan  to remain dedicated to God, to our family and to Manitoba. Our priorities have and will always be thus and in that order. This is a Sunrize Group internet solution (204)226-2247