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Interview on The Great Canadian Talk Show

Monday, June 22nd, 2009

Hi to all and happy summer time,

This post contains a web link to a radio interview clip below that I think you will find interesting. The interview with me was conducted on June 18, 2009 on KICK FM by Marty Gold on The Great Canadian Talk Show. Please take time to listen to it. The interview runs unbroken by commercial breaks for about 25 minutes and I think it will be helpful to anyone interested in Manitoba politics.

For far too long the current NDP government and Gary Doer in particular have been let off too easily by the media. In the attached radio interview clip, the truth about what is happening and what has happened is explained carefully and in detail.

Please email me your feedback. As always feedback is welcome.

Ken Waddell

Click here to download MP3 audio of the interview

Click here to download or stream the entire show from KICK FM.

Of progress and politics

Saturday, June 20th, 2009

The advantage of a weekly newspaper is that newsworthy events can be reported without the daily grind of a deadline.
The disadvantage is that weeklies are, well, weekly. That means breaking news isn’t covered as quickly as it may be on radio, TV or even in the daily papers. We like to think we do it better, but it isn’t as quick. However, we have a coming equalizer and that is the internet. We have three web sites, and where you can get news summaries and you can subscribe. And we have where there’s more news and advertising from a wider area. And it’s getting wider yet.
And we do cover some breaking news on the web sites.
There’s another advantage to the web sites. You can view our many videos on our own YouTube channel. If you want to watch a tour of Country Meadows care home, it’s there on our web site. If you want to see a gymnastics event from last winter, it’s there too. There’s some accident reports and some good old human interest videos on the site.
Newspapers are changing and the Banners are changing as well, hopefully just a little bit ahead of the pack.
Speaking of timely news coverage, by the time you read this we will know if Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff will have forced a summer election. This man has got to be crazy. Less than a year after an election and while the government is shovelling money out the door in unprecedented amounts, he wants an election. Now if the spending spree that our federal government has launched wasn’t at Iggy’s insistence, it might make sense to call an election. If he could shout “stop”, then his election threat might make sense.
But on the contrary, it’s Iggy and his Liberal MPs who have insisted that the government wasn’t doing enough. It was they who insisted that the government spend money in a so-called stimulus package so their banker friends could get bailed out of a self-made mess. The banks and GM and a few others didn’t watch what was going on and got caught in a bad economic mess. But it wasn’t Iggy who wanted the spending to slow down, it was Iggy who wanted it sped up.
And we shouldn’t be surprised. When the government tried to save about $30 million by cutting out the subsidy to political parties, it was the opposition parties who screamed bloody murder. It was they, just like their Wall Street friends, who couldn’t possibly get along without being attached to the government teat.
The Bloc Quebecois does almost no party fund raising, depending almost entirely on the government vote-tax subsidy.
To add insult to injury, every time they stand up in parliament they commit an act of treason, demanding that Canada pay them more or they’ll leave.
The government paid political parties $6,676,980 for the first quarter of 2009..And that gets repeated four times a year.
The Conservatives were ready to do without the subsidy. They raised money the proper way, by donations. The money would have been better spent hiring nurses or funding research or buying military equipment. But, oh no, the opposition parties had to have their share of public money. Of course they did, they would be broke without it.
The Harper government has made some errors. They don’t always say things nicey,nicey, but at least they are doing the right things and for the benefit of the country.
The opposition parties are looking after themselves first and if the country benefits a bit by tagging along in their slipstream that’s just a bonus.
If, when you read this column, we are into an election, tell everyone of your friends and family across this country what you’ve read above.
Better yet, send it to them by email when you read it on the web.

Will summer ever come?

Monday, June 15th, 2009

By Ken Waddell

That must be the question on the minds of farmers these days. It’s been a cold, wet, late spring in parts of the country. While some areas in southwestern Manitoba have been quite dry, there are parts of the area where farmers still can’t get on the fields. Then, this week, there was frost. It’s also been cold all spring.
Sure glad we are suffering from global warming.

I listened to a scientist on CBC a few weeks ago and he said much of what mankind does doesn’t have a lot of effect on the earth’s temperature. What I remember most about what he said is that once the earth starts to warm up (and it has at times and will again) there’s little man can do about it. Here’s one of the major reasons he put forward. Once the ice caps start to melt, the blue water absorbs more heat than ice reflects. The absorbed heat causes more ice to melt and thus more blue water is exposed to sunlight. It makes sense. Too bad some other scientists don’t make sense and most politicians and media people don’t either.

The most infuriating thing about the global warming debate is that Canada should somehow do something. While we should be good stewards of our resources, Canada could shut down all its industry and it would have almost no effect on the amount of greenhouse gases (GHG) emitted. A good volcano out produces Canada by a long shot. And China and Russia out produce Canada by an even greater margin.

The CBC quoted scientist addressed what must be done. He said what must be done is what was done in the past. Adapt. Only earlier generations had far less knowledge and technology with which to adapt. He predicted that farming may well move north as it has in the past. Greenland may become greener again as it has in the past. The arid regions of the world will become less inhabitable. There will be huge demands on irrigation water and electric power. When all is said and done, mankind will adapt, or as he says has happened in the past, many people will die or less will be born as population dwindles in certain areas. And this could all happen over many decades or even many centuries.

So what does all this mean to us.
It means we adapt on a daily basis.

The farmers who can’t get all their crop in on time this year will, as they have in the past, sow short season crops like Polish canola and millet and oats. When frost hits, they will re-seed, perhaps to another crop. As always, the crop yields in tonnage and dollars will likely not bring as much as farmers had hoped for. They rarely do. We non-farmers will also adapt. We already have. Very few people live in as poorly heated or insulated houses as we did as children. As a child on the farm, I had no idea what insulation was. I knew what a big wood pile was but not insulation, and that’s only five decades ago. Cars, homes, machinery, life styles will all change. They have to as circumstances change.

But certain things stay the same. God hasn’t changed and he still loves us. People really haven’t changed, some are good, some not so good and we all fall short of God’s ideals. But that’s a whole different topic. A more important one than global warming, but a different one.

It doesn’t matter whether we are farmers, business people, retired or professional people, we all adapt. We do so every day in ways that we don’t even notice until we take time to reflect.

Perhaps that’s the most important thing. That we do take time to reflect and then we will come to an important conclusion.

That conclusion will likely be that faith, family and friends are more important than anything else. And the order is important to note. Faith, family and friends. The order is not only logical, it’s set in motion by God Himself. This is a Sunrize Group internet solution (204)226-2247