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Anger is mounting

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

The United States is experiencing a grassroots movement known as the Tea Party movement. Named after the original Boston Tea Party that seemed to trigger the American Revolution in the 1770s, this protest is less violent but much wider spread. The Boston affair protested taxation on the colonies by the British government. The 2010 tea party protests heavy taxation and spending by a liberal government that only two years ago swept into power. If a U.S.  election were to be held today, there seems little doubt that there would be a change in government. The problem is that the more liberal (regardless of title) a government is, the more they spend. The more they spend, the more they want to spend. The longer they are in power, the more disenchanted the grassroots becomes as little of the spending seems to get to those roots. All the while, it’s ordinary citizens who have to pay the tab and there comes a point where they start questioning what’s going on. No amount of media smokescreen and liberal rhetoric can cover up the simple math. The U.S is going broke. Canada and Manitoba are headed down the same path. The irony is that the federal government in Canada is conservative in name and was committed to balanced budgets. They weakened in the face of a united opposition, who had the majority, by the way, to fund an economic recovery package that may or may not have accomplished the targeted goal of economic recovery.
Across Canada, there are tea party-like protests going on, they may be a little more subtle as is the Canadian way. The BC government is receiving a lot of heat over the HST tax. It was imposed in face of wide spread protest and places a greater tax burden on some people. Businesses may benefit from the HST but ordinary people certainly don’t believe that they benefit. 
In Toronto, mayoral candidate Rob Ford appears to be in a big lead for that job. Ford isn’t smooth and he’s certainly not the favourite of the liberal elites. He’s got the attention of the average fed-up voter and may well sweep into power. That will be a big shock for all the people who think Toronto is a high class liberal centre of the universe. 
On Monday night, a Liberal government was turfed in New Brunswick after only one term in office. A short time ago in England the more conservatives parties won power over the Labour party. There seems to be a trend here.
This past week Manitoba Finance Minister Roseann Wowchuk let us all in on the bad news that last year, the NDP ran a big deficit. Not only that, she said they will run a deficit for the next four years. Asked about what happens after that if she had plans to balance the budget in 2014, Wowchuk said no, she didn’t. According to the Winnipeg Sun’s Tom Brodbeck, a finance department official said that they did actually plan to balance the budget by 2104 and that perhaps Minister Wowchuk had forgotten.
The normally very liberal Winnipeg Free press as usual swallowed Wowchuk’s upbeat version of the finance story hook, line and sinker. To read the FP, one would think that everything was just fine. The FP said, “Everything’s coming up rosy for Manitoba’s finance minister,” a cutesy take-off on Wowchuk’s nickname. If budgeting for hundreds of millions of extra debt is “rosy” then may God help us if things ever get tough.
Ezra Levant, in a column this week suggests that the American tea party movement is being treated the same way as any logical protest in Canada is treated by our own elites. Levant said, “What is precisely the same in both countries is the response by the ruling elites to the citizens who dare to defy them. Tea partiers are denounced for not knowing their place. They’re attacked aesthetically — too ugly, too fat, too many personal flaws, too white, too low-class.”
Notice that critics of the Tea Party movement resort to personal attacks, too ugly, too fat etc. That’s because the positions taken by elites on both sides of the border are indefensible on their own merit. Generally speaking, liberals are noted for spending beyond the means of the taxpayer, running huge deficits in good times and bad, being soft on crime, opting every time for the liberal side of every social issue. Absolutely out of control spending on basics like health and education gets people very concerned. Concerned people who are shut out of the decision process, who are told their opinions aren’t valid, tend to get very angry.
If the “movement” across Canada continues, there will be a lot more changes in government. It will be interesting to see how much of the discontent flows into the local ballot boxes on October 27 in the municipal elections. This is a Sunrize Group internet solution (204)226-2247