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I remember Pierre Elliott Trudeau

Wednesday, February 27th, 2013

To Pierre Elliott Trudeau’s credit, he stood up to the terrorist FLQ group. When faced with very serious and imminent danger, Trudeau implemented the War Measures Act and arrested many people. Some will argue it was an over reaction, but when murder and kidnapping was set against a backdrop of historic mail box bombings, it’s hard to argue with Trudeau’s reaction.
But Trudeau failed in many ways. He totally abandoned his Roman Catholic roots in various pieces of legislation. His economic policies led to rampant inflation and horrendous interest rates. He passed legislation that damaged farms and farm families. He implemented the National Energy Policy that robbed Alberta of billions in resource revenue.
To my generation, Trudeau was a disaster. Those of us who were eager enough to think we could farm lost everything to inflation and 23 per cent interest rates. The loss of farms and farmers in the Trudeau years was only surpassed by the Great Depression. Small businesses, also facing runaway inflation and high interest rates, failed by the thousands.
So the next generation has come along. Justin Trudeau is a handsome, charming young man. He is seen as the saviour of the now weakened Liberal Party of Canada. We have no idea what he really stands for. He hasn’t said and he probably doesn’t really know.
Justin Trudeau is currently being challenged to speak out about what he stands for by rival candidate Marc Garneau who has laid out some specific policies. Trudeau speaks in more general terms, much as his father did. The Trudeau genes deal much better with dreams and and nebulous concepts than real issues. However it cannot be argued that either father or son are dumb, they are certainly anything but dumb.
I think the real problem is that neither Pierre nor Justin really understand what the “common” person goes through. They can briefly engage, and engage in a very charming way, but to actually have to work every day, day-in-day-out to keep a job or to meet payroll — not so much. Their lifestyles have denied them the opportunity to understand what most people go through every day.
Justin Trudeau may well win the Liberal Party of Canada leadership race. If he does, he could then some day become prime minister of Canada.
I was asked recently what advice I would give Justin Trudeau if he asked for it.
It would be simply, “Remember the mistakes of your father and don’t repeat them.” This is a Sunrize Group internet solution (204)226-2247