Of progress and politics

The advantage of a weekly newspaper is that newsworthy events can be reported without the daily grind of a deadline.
The disadvantage is that weeklies are, well, weekly. That means breaking news isn’t covered as quickly as it may be on radio, TV or even in the daily papers. We like to think we do it better, but it isn’t as quick. However, we have a coming equalizer and that is the internet. We have three web sites, neepawabanner.com and riversbanner.com where you can get news summaries and you can subscribe. And we have mywestman.ca where there’s more news and advertising from a wider area. And it’s getting wider yet.
And we do cover some breaking news on the web sites.
There’s another advantage to the web sites. You can view our many videos on our own YouTube channel. If you want to watch a tour of Country Meadows care home, it’s there on our web site. If you want to see a gymnastics event from last winter, it’s there too. There’s some accident reports and some good old human interest videos on the site.
Newspapers are changing and the Banners are changing as well, hopefully just a little bit ahead of the pack.
Speaking of timely news coverage, by the time you read this we will know if Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff will have forced a summer election. This man has got to be crazy. Less than a year after an election and while the government is shovelling money out the door in unprecedented amounts, he wants an election. Now if the spending spree that our federal government has launched wasn’t at Iggy’s insistence, it might make sense to call an election. If he could shout “stop”, then his election threat might make sense.
But on the contrary, it’s Iggy and his Liberal MPs who have insisted that the government wasn’t doing enough. It was they who insisted that the government spend money in a so-called stimulus package so their banker friends could get bailed out of a self-made mess. The banks and GM and a few others didn’t watch what was going on and got caught in a bad economic mess. But it wasn’t Iggy who wanted the spending to slow down, it was Iggy who wanted it sped up.
And we shouldn’t be surprised. When the government tried to save about $30 million by cutting out the subsidy to political parties, it was the opposition parties who screamed bloody murder. It was they, just like their Wall Street friends, who couldn’t possibly get along without being attached to the government teat.
The Bloc Quebecois does almost no party fund raising, depending almost entirely on the government vote-tax subsidy.
To add insult to injury, every time they stand up in parliament they commit an act of treason, demanding that Canada pay them more or they’ll leave.
The government paid political parties $6,676,980 for the first quarter of 2009..And that gets repeated four times a year.
The Conservatives were ready to do without the subsidy. They raised money the proper way, by donations. The money would have been better spent hiring nurses or funding research or buying military equipment. But, oh no, the opposition parties had to have their share of public money. Of course they did, they would be broke without it.
The Harper government has made some errors. They don’t always say things nicey,nicey, but at least they are doing the right things and for the benefit of the country.
The opposition parties are looking after themselves first and if the country benefits a bit by tagging along in their slipstream that’s just a bonus.
If, when you read this column, we are into an election, tell everyone of your friends and family across this country what you’ve read above.
Better yet, send it to them by email when you read it on the web.

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