Denying problem doesn’t make it disappear

If one can believe the following quote then the PC Party of Manitoba was right on one more count in the 2007 election.

“As of Friday, the number of inmates residing in Manitoba’s seven provincial adult facilities hovered around 1,870 — nearly 500 over capacity.”

People could be forgiven for not remembering the PC Manitoba election promise to build more facilities, not just jails but a drug treatment centre for several hundred potential convicts ( er, sorry, residents, clients, whatever). People won’t remember because the media and the NDP raised such an uproar that the promise was drowned out. How could the PC Party be so cruel and uncaring to send more poor young men to jail? How hard-heated, how misguided.

The problem is we are 500 people over capacity now in our jails and we were way over capacity then. The problem with the PC promise isn’t that it was excessive, it was too little. That we don’t have riots in our jails all the time is a credit to our correctional staff. That the media and the NDP stomped on the 2007 proposal is ridiculous. Of course we (unfortunately) need more jail spaces and treatment facilities. Winnipeg is still near the top as murder capital of Canada and car theft capital of Canada. If car thieves are in jail they can’t steal cars. If murderers are in jail they usually can’t commit murder.

The truth, the need, the short term solution is so obvious that it’s painful. We need more jail cells and we need more treatment facilities.

Note I said short term.

In the long term we, as a society need to recognize that man is not inherently good as some liberals would have us believe. There is a God and until we recognize Him and His ways we will individually and as a society always be struggling with excessive crime.

As Johnny Cash said, “The answer boys is Jesus,”

Johhny’s short Jesus promo opens the way for many changes to come in our society that are long overdue. Jail isn’t the long term answer. If people jumping over a cliff to their death on the rocks below was our major problem, then building a fence across the cliff isn’t the long term solution. However it is a short term solution until you can get peoples’ attention and explain that this jumping thing is killing people.

The long term solution is to re-work how we do living in the 21st century.

We need to re-establish that the ideal family is one with a mom and a dad, that dad’s are important.

We need to re-establish that dad’s are important and it’s high time that men realized that simply being a stud is a dud and being a dad is an admirable goal.

We need to teach good old fashioned moral values at every level, family, school, government and church.

Often we hear a response to a situation that says. “That’s just not right.”

How do we know it’s not right? Because somewhere, sometime back in time somebody was taught moral standards and those standards have been passed down from generation to generation. We need a fresh wave of moral, ethical training in our society.

We need to address poverty and human rights. Not the stupid little “below the poverty level” nonsense that comes out of Stats Canada that says anyone earning less than $25,000 is in poverty. I mean real poverty such as the people who don’t happen to be in the elite loop in First Nations communities and those in real poverty in our cities. Not building a costly Human Rights Museum all the while ignoring real human rights issues on the streets next door to the museum.

Manitoba needs a lot of things but we could certainly do without huge cries of denial that come from our lazy media and our comfortable government party when real issues and real solutions are raised.

May Manitoba see a peaceful revolution before any more people suffer from the effects of the denials.

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