How stupid have the NDP become?

Or why Greg Sellinger should never be premier of Manitoba
By Ken Waddell
How stupid have the NDP become?
Very stupid indeed. Just read the following quote from the Winnipeg Sun from last Tuesday regarding the prison riot at Brandon correctional facility.
“This is indicative of a system that is under stress and is at the breaking point,” said Ken Crawford, MGEU’s corrections staff representative. Crawford said 72 per cent of 1,763 adult inmates in Manitoba are on remand while the remaining 28 per cent are sentenced prisoners. BCC has beds for 157, but Sunday it housed 282, including 50 who bunk in a gymnasium.
In total, Manitoba jails are currently overcapacity by at least 300 to 400 people. Manitoba jails are filled with many people who are either alcohol or drug addicts or both. Add to that, many are mentally ill and urgently need treatment even to be stabilized, if not rehabbed.
So how stupid have the NDP become? Well, stupid runs pretty deep and the NDP have been in denial for years. First they deconstructed the anti-gang initiative of the previous government. That was stupid, but it was worse than that if you can believe that at least one charged gang member was related to an NDP cabinet minister.
The NDP have been in denial for over 10 years about the true nature of the problem as outlined above. Yes, we have a crime problem but we have a huge overcrowding problem and we a have huge problem with inadequacy of the type of facilities and treatment needed.
How stupid are the NDP?
They blame the federal government for the overcrowding because the federal government doesn’t pass tougher sentencing laws. The last time I checked, the feds tried to pass laws, repeatedly. The last time I checked, the federal NDP, which are closer than cousins to the provincial NDP, voted against such laws. That includes, by the way, the daughter of NDP leadership candidate Steve Ashton, that being Nikki Ashton, NDP MP for Churchill.
How stupid are the NDP?
In the last election they were really stupid. When PCManitoba leader Hugh McFadyen announced his intention to build a 300 unit treatment centre he was scorned by the NDP and the media. How can that be? Why didn’t the NDP embrace the idea and run with it? Why didn’t they say thank you very much and ask McFadyen to call his federal friends and lobby for funding? Why didn’t they do that? Because they are stupid, that’s why.
But, maybe not so stupid. One has to ask what’s the main goal of the NDP under Gary Doer? It’s to get re-elected. Nothing more. As this space has stated before, what has Gary Doer done?  Name one solid thing that we can put down in the history books for a legacy? It’s that he got re-elected again and again. So if that’s the goal, and it obviously is the goal, then the NDP aren’t stupid. They are smart. They know that if you want to get elected you ignore the problems and, when you can no longer ignore the problem, you blame the federal government.
Blaming the federal government has become a fine science. Just ask ag minister Roseanne Wowchuk. BSE comes along, blame the feds. Floods come along, blame the feds. The hog industry approaches a collapse, slap on a moratorium and blame the feds.
But as anyone who looks closer than the media headlines will see, the NDP is in fact stupid because Manitoba isn’t going anywhere except backwards. The economy is reasonably good but nowhere near its potential. Jails are double booked, the health system is teetering across the province and has disappeared in most small towns. The livestock industry is collapsing.
And that folks is why Greg Sellnger should not be premier of Manitoba. His only claim to fame is that he isn’t Steve Ashton and he will stay the course set by Gary Doer.
If we fall for that, then we are stupid too.

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