AMM to debate re-shaping Manitoba

It’s interesting that the Association of Manitoba Municipalities (AMM) is debating a resolution next week to ask for more funding for rural veterinary boards. The resolution says that funding has stayed the same since 1989 and of course costs have gone up. The resolution states the obvious. What the resolution doesn’t  state is that funding for rural vet boards started in the late 1960s and early 1970s. It was obvious at that time there was a shortage of large animal vets around. Many vets of that era had trained after WWII and were getting a bit long in the tooth. Others had gone on to work in small animal practices or had taken up working for the government, both federal and provincial. There was undoubtedly a shortage of vets at that time. So the program was well-intentioned and clinics were built in Gladstone, Alonsa, Minnedosa and later in Neepawa and Ste. Rose. There are today many more veterinarians than there were back in the 1960s. So it could be concluded the program achieved its goal. Unfortunately, like many government programs, there never was an end date or sunset clause. It has just gone on forever. Perhaps it’s time to end the program of subsidizing vet clinics. Perhaps not. It does need to be debated though.

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