Wow, that was fast

Not being able to get to sleep on Monday night, I decided to post a little bit on Facebook. Within seconds, a person on the other side of the world responded. It’s somewhat interesting, and a bit unbelievable that they would notice or even care what I posted but the person has an indirect connection with this area. Their fiancee was an exchange student in our home and I have been “friended” by both the exchange student and his betrothed. In fact, the student still calls me “Dad” when he emails me directly.
If ever we had a chance in this old world to build relationships and perhaps re-ignite the hope for world peace, now is the time. I know it may be crazy to wish for peace but I’m not going to stop regardless. I may never see this young man again and we do live a world apart. We aren’t the same background or religion but we do care for one another. And so we should.
Contact with each other is almost instant. It can also be almost instant with anyone else in the world and I have no doubt that soon the whole world will be inter-connected by the internet. It’s a powerful force. The internet can be harnessed to exchange any kind of news or information and the beauty of it all is the truth, hopefully, can be conveyed around the world without the restriction or constriction of the large media outlets. Media outlets tend to get a particular editorial bent to them. In Canada the CBC is pretty left wing. CTV, not so much. Sun News is quite right wing. The larger papers all seem to have a particular slant to their news and editorials. But with the so-called “blogosphere” journalists, the game is wide open.
Unfortunately, not all bloggers are interested in telling the truth but enough are that the truth cannot be suppressed.
It’s a good thing that we have newspapers and TV and books and movies. But it’s also good that we have the internet and can communicate around the world at almost the speed of light. Good indeed. And good to hear from my friends on the other side of the world.
Goodwill to all and to all a good night.

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