Giving a Voice to Manitobans

This weekend the PC Party of Manitoba reinforced the belief that “Your Voice -Your Choice”, the one member one vote process, is the way for Manitobans to choose a party leader. The room in which the vote took place to reinforce the one member-one vote was charged with the energy that occurs when people from across Manitoba work together. In front of a strong crowd of 300 plus, Ken Waddell stated his support for the process and he once again declared his vision for Manitoba.

The following is the text from which Ken worked as he made his speech to PC Manitoba delegates from every corner of the province:

“There has been discussion about the need for us, as Progressive Conservatives, to ‘take back the party.’ I disagree with that statement.

I say No! No, we do not need to take back the party – We need to take back the Province! We have a strong group of MLA’s. We have an excellent staff at 23 Kennedy Street. We have PC constituency organizations, many of them very strong. We have hundreds of people here this evening that are willing to promote conservative principles and policies.

This gathering tonight is an indication of our strength across our province, both inside the city of Winnipeg and from every corner of Manitoba. We have the majority of Manitobans willing to embrace our policies and willing to embrace strong leadership.

Ladies and gentlemen I submit to you that we don’t need to take back the party, we have the party, and I thank you all for caring and being involved.

Those who would be overly critical of our party, of our MLA’s, our staff and our organizers, are the same kind of people who, if they found themselves out on a road in their car in a snowstorm and
suddenly they see the little red oil light come on; they would pull over and in the middle of the storm they would begin to tear out the engine right there on the side of the road.

We don’t need to change the engine ladies and gentlemen, we need to simply add a couple of litres of oil and drive home.

And that is what we can do here and now in Manitoba, we can drive home. Yes, there are some improvements and some strengthening needed for our party, but we do have the vehicle to get us home and it is a very good one. We just need to add some oil and drive on home. And in the next election, we will drive home.

We have tonight reinforced the value of the one member-one vote system that was so wisely adopted a few years ago. We have cemented the principle into our constitution and by doing so we send a powerful message, a message that every person counts in the PC party, that every person’s opinion matters.

The backroom doors can stay closed in other parties, but in the PC Party of Manitoba, they are now opened and everyone gets their say.

Remember the slogan from Gary Filmon’s days ‘Trust the people?’

We believe that slogan.

I trust the people and the people trust me, as you can see by the growing list of people who have endorsed my candidacy. See the Endorsement Page for a growing list.

Our six policy points are examples of the aggressive kind policies we should be promoting. We need to examine and evaluate the policies of the many groups across Manitoba that has worked so hard to put forward their concerns.

Ladies and gentlemen it is now up to you, the members of this great party, to choose a leader.

My vision for Manitoba is to have a fully developed economy based on our entire natural and human resources in every corner of the province, the north and the south, the urban and the rural. We need to make Manitoba a “Have Province”. We will make Manitoba a place where we will attract more businesses and attract more people, both Canadians and immigrants.

We need a leader who has a strong background in the chairing of meetings, in listening to people and who can articulate the vision after they have listened and consulted. We need a leader with a strong relationship with the Conservative Party of Canada and their excellent contingent of MPs. We need a strong and experienced leader, one who can speak well in public.

We need a leader who is fearless and confident on the public platform, in the legislature debates, in the committees and in caucus and in the community halls across Manitoba.

Ladies and gentlemen I am willing and able to fill that role and I ask you to go back tonight to every constituency in Manitoba and spread this simple message.

Ken Waddell can lead… Ken Waddell will lead and together we will win.”

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