Press Release: Ken Waddell Calls for Public Inquiry into Crocus Fund

Call an Inquiry or Call an Election

“It’s imperative that Premier Gary Doer call an inquiry into the Crocus Fund immediately,” said Ken Waddell on Monday afternoon. Waddell is a candidate for the leadership of the Progressive Conservative Party of Manitoba.

“On top of the mounting pile of evidence for the need for an inquiry, we have recently learned that the NDP government was considering dumping up to $200 million of Manitoba Government Employees money into Crocus. We can be thankful that it didn’t happen but for the NDP to even consider it is atrocious,” said Waddell.

“It’s like  transferring Manitoba Hydro money into general revenue rather than lowering Hydro rates for Manitoba homeowners and businesses, and trying to dump Autopac money into universities instead of lowering insurance rates. The NDP government just has a wrong view of how to manage the province’s affairs,” stated Waddell. “This government is socialist through and through which simply means they’ve never seen a dollar they didn’t want to tax and they’ve never seen a dollar of someone else’s money they didn’t want to waste.”

“The Premier must call an inquiry or else call an election. The choice is in Mr. Doer’s hands and he has to take one approach or the other,” said Waddell.

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