The Countdown is On!

The countdown is on to the membership purchase deadline!

The PC Manitoba Leadership Campaign is hitting high gear this week as the deadline to renew or purchase a membership approaches. Please remind your friends and family that they can purchase a PC Manitoba membership up until 5 p.m. Friday, March 31st. The best ways to get a membership now are either by phone at 1-800-663-8679 to the PC Manitoba headquarters or online at

Every one who has a valid membership by the deadline has a voice in the leadership race.

There has been much talk in this leadership race about who will best serve the party as leader into the next election.

As Ken and Chris have driven around the province to this stage of the campaign they have been overwhelmed with people from around the province who have approached them saying that not only have they bought memberships in support of Ken Waddell, but they have called family and friends to do the same. These are people who are tired of the status quo, who want a REAL change.

People are telling us that Ken is the kind of leader who understands their lives as every day Manitobans. They tell us that they know that Ken has run businesses, that Ken has worked in the trenches as a farmer, as an advocate for the issues that we as Manitobans face everyday.

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