A Note from Mike Waddell, Son of, and Campaign Manager for, Ken Waddell

We wish to say a heartfelt thank-you to everyone involved in the process of working to elect a new leader for the PC Party of Manitoba. We are grateful for the efforts of the leadership of the PC Party of Manitoba as they have worked tirelessly to make this process a reality.

Most importantly we wish to say thank-you to you, the members of the PC Party of Manitoba, as you have voted for the first time ever a one member-one vote system. Many of you have already sent in your mail-in ballots.

Yet, there are those who are still undecided and who will be voting this Saturday at a ballot box in your riding or in Winnipeg at the Convention Centre. You have a rare opportunity to vote for a Manitoban who has lived both in the Winnipeg Area and as a rural Manitoban.

We are looking forward to seeing many of you out Friday, April 28th at the Convention Centre for the final chance prior to the first ballot to hear Ken Waddell speak.

Ken Waddell has campaigned as a voice for all Manitobans; he leads from a mature and an experienced perspective. While the final hours of this campaign progress, leading up to the first ballot, please consider Ken as your voice and your choice.

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