Congratulations to Hugh McFadyen!

Thank you to all our supporters!

This past eight weeks has been very exciting for us as a family and for the PC Party of Manitoba. I offer my heartfelt thanks to our supporters and hearty congratulations to Hugh McFadyen. I also extend congratulations to Ron Schuler who fought a vigorous campaign.

Hugh has a lot of political experience and throughout the campaign he drew analogies to his successful curling career. Now he’s in a game with a lot bigger team and I have indicated both publicly and privately to Hugh that I am willing to be a part of that team.

The game we are involved in is now more like football than curling. We’Ēve just had an inter-squad scrimmage by way of our leadership race. Hugh has emerged as the best quarter back and he did it in a convincing fashion.

However, unlike curling, football not only needs a lot more players, we don’t always get our turn and when we do the other team will be trying to knock us about. We need to work together, we all need to be prepared and be in good shape. If we are, and if we get solidly behind our quarter back, we can win the big game, the championship.

I cannot possibly say how much I appreciate the help that each one of our supporters has given us. The phone calls, the membership sales and all the other help have been very much appreciated.

I will continue to put forward an experienced rural voice, a common sense voice in all the debates that will be held. I plan to run in the next election as does my son Mike. I will work as much as I can with the McFadyen team to get a PC government in place.

As I said in my speech on Friday night at the convention, “if being a conservative means conserving and developing all our human and natural resources in a sustainable manner then I will be happy to be called a conservative.”

This message is going out to 3000 email addresses. To those of you who supported me, I say thank you. To the media who covered the race, I say thank you for getting the message out. To those who supported either of the other candidates, or if you are simply getting this email as an interested observer, thank you for your interest.

And a special thank you to those who e-mailed or called me with questions, suggestions and criticism. It all helped us work together to build a better Manitoba.

May God bless you and yours.


Ken Waddell

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