Ken Waddell to Seek PC Manitoba Nomination in Concordia

Former PC Manitoba leadership contender, Ken Waddell, is seeking the PC Manitoba Nomination in the Winnipeg constituency of Concordia.

“I have long felt that PC Manitoba should not only challenge the NDP government but Premier Gary Doer himself. PC Manitoba is obviously very strong in rural Manitoba. We need to bring some of that strength and experience to Winnipeg.”

Waddell and his wife Christine moved to Winnipeg late last year. They own two newspapers in rural Manitoba, The Neepawa Banner and The Rivers Banner.
“We have completed a three year transition of management and the day-to-day operation of our newspapers over to our very capable staff,” said Waddell. Ownership of the papers will remain in the family corporation.

“Gary Doer has done little for Manitoba and even less for the people of Concordia,” said Waddell. “The key issues for Concordia are infrastructure, crime, and public safety. Efforts to make life better for families haven’t been properly addressed by the Doer government.”

“People are tired of Gary Doer blaming the Conservatives for what can only be described as his lack of action.  He’s been NDP leader for 19 years and premier for 7. It’s time for him to retire. If he doesn’t go willingly, then perhaps the voters of Concordia will send him the clear message that it’s time for him to go,” said Waddell.

“I believe that PC Manitoba leader Hugh McFadyen has proven his leadership very well. I look forward to working with Mr. McFadyen in the upcoming months and years as he becomes the premier of Manitoba. When we compare the depth of talent, abilities and experience of the PC Manitoba team with what the tired, old NDP party has to offer, it becomes a very easy choice for Manitobans. We need a change in government,” said Waddell.

The PC Manitoba nomination meeting for Concordia will be held January 17 at Kildonan East Collegiate at 845 Concordia Ave starting at 7:00 p.m. Guest speaker will be PC Manitoba leader Hugh McFadyen.

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