Manitoba Election Update – Concordia Style

I’d like to share a Manitoba election update from the doorsteps of Concordia constituency, where I have been campaigning door-to-door. As many of you know, I am running against Mr. Doer in Concordia constituency and the election call is solely in Premier Doer’s hands. Unfortunately far too much of our affairs have been in Mr. Doer’s hands for far too long.
It’s not really surprising that the message on the Concordia doorsteps is the same as the message across the province. Doer hasn’t lived up to his boasting. Some Concordia doorstep comments I’m hearing include:

- Its time for change.

- He’s spending too much money with too many groups and not spending money on things that need to be fixed like roads and hospitals.

- I’ve never seen him on my doorstep.

- Many many times I’ve had people ask me “Who is our MLA anyway?”

People want change and people who support PCManitoba should be encouraged. The amount of unrest is unbelievable, and that’s in Mr. Doer’s own riding.

Before an election is called I lay out a challenge to Gary Doer. Meet me and the Liberal candidate (if there is one) in an All Candidate Debate right in Concordia. Mr. Doer owes it to the people of Concordia to defend his dismal record.

I maintain Mr. Doer has done little for Manitoba and absolutely nothing for Concordia. I have yet to meet a Concordia voter who says they are better off after nearly 8 years of the Doer government.

We are mounting a full scale campaign in Concordia. We have significant funding in place but we still need to raise more to run a fully funded campaign. Any donation up to $400 is eligible for a $300 tax credit.

If you can help with funding please send a cheque made out to PCManitoba-Concordia and mail it to:

PC Manitoba
23 Kennedy Street
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R3C 1S5

Or you can phone me at 226-2247 and make donation by credit card.

Remember, if you want to send Gary Doer a message, if you want to defeat the NDP, we have to mount a huge campaign in Concordia. I have been working nearly full time on this campaign but I need your help. If you know people who live in Concordia pleas call them, go see them or email them and ask them to get involved. From inside the constituency and outside we need more volunteers. Together we can bring about an NDP defeat, our province’s future depends on it!

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