Ken Waddell Campaign in Concordia

We have already mounted an effective campaign in Concordia. For strategic purposes we obviously aren’t going to give out numbers or stats about campaign progress. However, we are consistently hearing at the doorsteps that it’s time for Gary Doer and the NDP to get out of office…and that’s in the Premier’s own riding.Still no word on Mr. Doer being willing to face his fellow candidates in an All-Candidate Debate. Don’t hold your breath either as Mr. Doer doesn’t want to face his constituents or other candidates in any format where his credibility, his misrepresenting of facts, or his dismal record of tax-and-spend could be brought under scrutiny. Just imagine, in 8 budgets he took Manitoba’s from $6 Billion to $9 Billion.

We have set up a joint office with Rossmere constituency at 2-915 McLeod Ave. Our phone number is 940-1430. We are going to need more volunteers and more funds so please call us, email us or drop in to see us at the Concordia office.

If you live in Concordia, please give us a call and we’ll get you a lawn sign if you are willing to paint Concordia blue.

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