The NDP steal another good idea

By Ken Waddell

- interesting that the Winnipeg Free Press is predicting that the NDP government will lift the tuition freeze for university students in their up coming budget.
- also predicted that the tuition freeze will be replaced by a tax credit or tax rebate system. Students may be able to apply for a tax credit based on their tuition fees if they stay and work in Manitoba. It’s a great idea. I brought the idea forward in 2006 when I ran in the leadership race for the PC Party of Manitoba. It was well received and so it should be. I’m sure the idea has been raised by others as well. The NDP are to be complimented on adopting a good idea. – lot better than the tuition freeze. It makes much more sense than the freeze which starves the universities, assists some students who may not actually need the break and it does absolutely nothing to keep students in Manitoba after they graduate.
Now I can forgive Gary Doer for not sending me a birthday card because
I didn’t send him one either. He turned sixty on March 31 and I turned 60 on March 29. But to not receive a thank you note for this tuition fee tax credit idea really hurts. I don’t think the premier is nearly sensitive enough to my feelings. Nor does he really understand how grumpy I can
be when my feelings get hurt. I think – ll cheer myself up by making fun of the NDP for a while longer.

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