Let religious leaders have a turn

By Ken Waddell
The Winnipeg Free Press editorial on April 1 outlined the many woes facing Manitobans, and especially Winnipeggers today. There was the triple murder in Winnipeg, the stolen SUV that rammed a cab and killed the cabbie. They mentioned the ongoing death march of Child and Family Services children that no amount of government hand wringing seems to be able to stop.
All the problems. What shall we do asks the Free Press?
The Freep’s answer is predictable-more resources (tax payers money) for education, health and social services.
If more money spent would solve the listed problems then we shouldn’t have any more problems.
While it must be acknowledged that nearly all the people in education, health and social services are doing the best they can and are trying very hard, there’s a missing link. Nowhere in education, health or social services are the churches really allowed to operate. Can’t have e any of that religious stuff you know.
But consider this. Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Sihkism and Buddhism all agree on basic social principles. While their doctrines differ, they agree on basic social norms. Strangely enough their influence isn’t allowed through the school doors nor are these religious influences allowed to be felt much in health or social services.
The percentage of people that would actually embrace the chaos that has spawned the evil that threatens today’s society is small Isn’t it strange that a democratically elected government that is supposed to represent the vast majority is ineffective in maintaining the kind of society most people hold dear.
Perhaps, instead of more programs and more money and more bureaucrats, we should let the keepers of our belief systems have more credibility. Perhaps totally publicly funded and government controlled education, health systems and social services aren’t so great after all. Maybe the leaders of the Jewish, Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, Sikh and Hindu faiths are right. Maybe the Aboriginal elders are right.
It’s time we listened to the religious leaders, the secular leaders have certainly blown their chances.

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