13 Things Manitobans should be ashamed of…

1. Manitoba depends on the federal government for nearly 40 per cent of its finances.

2. Manitoba’s number of civil servants per capita is well above the Canadian average.

3. Decades of a cheap hydro policy hasn’t brought in the business boon that was expected. No wonder, the tax structure kills off any natural incentives Manitoba has

4. Manitoba has a payroll tax, yes, a payroll tax. No wonder expanding companies avoid us like the plague when payroll from $1.25 to $2.5 million is taxed at over 4 per cent.

5. Some of our rich, major business players located in Manitoba don’t actually depend much on Manitoba’s economy. Aspers’ TV and newspaper empire for example doesn’t need Manitoba. The Richardsons’ don’t depend much on Manitoba for their grain business. That lessens their interest in Manitoba falling so far short of potential.

6. The above mentioned business leaders and many of their wealthy friends think Premier Doer isn’t a bad guy, after all he tosses government money at the same projects that they donate to so he must be OK.

7. Most of Manitoba’s capital expansion is publicly funded such as the Floodway, the Manitoba Hydro building and a few health care facilities and some minor school expansions.

8. Manitoba’s farmers, especially hog farmers are an endangered species largely due to anti-farmer government policies. Shamefully, this is true in an era when world food stocks are shrinking and countries like China are clamouring for Manitoba pork and other food products.

9. That the two biggest proposed projects for Manitoba are heavily dependent on public money, namely the Winnipeg stadium and the Museum of Human Rights.

10. While rich Winnipeggers are drooling over the prospect of the above two projects and how good it will make them feel, many Manitoba communities, especially First Nations communities don’t have clean drinking water, safe and adequate housing nor adequate schools.

11. Manitoba is still a hotbed for car thefts and Winnipeg a national leader in murders.

12. In spite of increased numbers of police we still have a major drug problem in Manitoba

13. That the best we can up with for a premier is Gary Doer. While it’s not considered polite to get personal in politics, it needs to be said that this man’s policies and politics are as shallow as soup on a saucer. Whenever he’s cornered into something resembling a debate, he resorts to shouting and questionable statements. To keep the unions, along with the balance of his core vote happy, and to appease the business elite, he simply tosses out more money. With such a shallow approach, it’s no wonder Manitoba has fallen so far short of its potential. With the lack of leadership and vision that this man demonstrates, Manitoba will never reach it’s potential.

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