Order of Canada award raises objections

By Ken Waddell
Late in the day on Canada day, July 1, 2008, the announcement came through that abortion advocate Dr. Henry Morgentaler was being awarded the Order of Canada. The announcement appeared to be carefully timed so that both the Prime Minister and the Governor General were finished their official duties for the day and out of the public limelight. Morgentaler was one of 75 appointees announced on July 1.
The appointments had been in the works since April 1 of this year but weren’t announced until last Tuesday.
When word leaked out that Morgentaler was about to be inducted into the Order, many people were shocked. Morgantaler should not get the Order of Canada. More than any other single person, he’s responsible for the abortion death of thousands upon thousands of babies. He broke the law for years until the law was changed. Morgentaler brought that law in to effect by his relentless pursuit of abortion on demand, publicly funded abortion on demand. Canada has no law now concerning abortions, an abortion can take place in Canada legally until any day before the actual birth of a child if a doctor can be found to perform the abortion.

In the Wednesday Winnipeg Sun it states,

“Rod Bruinooge (MP, Winnipeg South) said Dr. Henry Morgentaler’s investment as a member into the Order of Canada, announced yesterday, has made him rethink any future association in nominating candidates for the honour.”
“To award this country’s highest honour to a man who millions of Canadians consider to be reprehensible … it shouldn’t have happened,” said Bruinooge, a staunch pro-lifer.

Many millions of people , including myself, share this view. Appealing the decision was to no avail, calls to MPs and the Prime Minister’s office had no effect. It was too late and besides the Order of Canada is not decided by the Prime Minister, nor the government. It’s decided by an independent body of nine people who report to the Governor General.

The abortion debate has been divisive in Canada. It’s complicated in one way but very simple in another. Abortion should be a very last resort in the case of where the mother’s life is in danger. That’s easy to say for a 60 year old male. But our family has faced the abortion question four times that we know of in the last 80 years. The details aren’t important in this short column except to say that abortion was performed twice and twice it was not. Where it was performed the baby boys died. In one case where it was not, a baby survived to adulthood and beyond. In the other case the baby died of natural causes prior to birth.
But take away the moral question if you will. Since 1970, Canada as a nation has aborted thousands upon thousands of babies. Did we ever stop to think about the demographic hole in our population. Canada is desperately short of people, did we ever wonder why? And we are all to blame. We allowed the law to change. And did we all stand in the gap and support a mother through a pregnancy? Did we supply the room, board, access to education and support for a mother so a baby could adopted instead of aborted.
We are all to blame but Morgentaler is the focal point of this debate, He’s received the award. We are left with the repercussions and they aren’t pretty no matter how you look at it.

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